At Tan Son Nhut, the officers were billeted in the Meyerkord hotel with the enlisted personnel originally on the base in wooden barracks, and later off base in rooms at a Enlisted man's "hotel". At Danang, the Officers were billeted at Camp Tien Sha, about 17 miles from Danang Air Base, and the enlisted personnel were originally billeted on the air base in tents, and later in two-story wooden barracks.

  • TSN Ground Crew Barracks
  • TSN Enlisted Quarters 70
  • Rygg Making Kite
  • Original Enlisted Barracks TSN
  • Meyerkord BOQ
  • Inside Barracks at TSN
  • Headed For Showers TSN 68
  • Danang Crew Quarters 1966
  • Danang Barracks Lounge
  • Connecticut BEQ