Det Westpac HQ

Det Westpac HQ was located right next to the runway at Tan Son Nhut Air Base.  As more support personnel were added over the years, it grew from a single Jamesway tent to a small complex including trailers. Det Danang didn't have an office, at least not when I was there in 1968 - Jim

  • Trailer Office TSN 70 #2
  • Trailer Office TSN 70 #1jpg
  • Supply Office TSN 69
  • Snake at TSN
  • Roberts Going On Watch
  • Roberts at DET HQ Dec 68
  • Ken Schreiber TSN 69
  • Jerry Bushman AEC & Mr. Le TSN
  • Electronics Trailer TSN
  • DET HQ TSN 70
  • CWO Neeley TSN 69
  • Blue Eagle Sign 70
  • Blue Eagle Base - TSN
  • BE Ready Room Inside jamesway Tent