Nha Be Riverene Force Base

The Riverene force base at Nha Be was the closest large Naval facility to Tan Son Nhut Air Base. As Tan Son Nhut was an Air Force Base, we were sometimes treated as  ‘ugly stepchildren” there, and it was at times difficult to draw supplies. .Nha Be turned out to be a good source of supplies, and they were very hospitable to us. The pictures you see here are from one of our “supply runs” to Nha Be.

  • Nha Be Sign
  • Utility Boat Nha Be
  • Ulmer, Miller, ? at Nha Be
  • Topside Watch Nha Be
  • River Patrol Boat Nha Be
  • River Minesweepers Nha Be
  • River Minesweeper Pier Nha Be
  • PBRs Nha Be
  • Nha Be Riverene Base
  • Nha Be PBR Dock
  • Barracks at Nha Be