Trailing Wire Antenna Problem

The trailing wire antenna that hung below the aircraft was tuned to its specific operating frequency by length.  When we were required to change to a certain frequency, the antenna resonated like a guitar string, causing oscillations that were strong enough to be felt inside the plane, and on more than one occasion, we lost the “bomb”. When we advised the engineers back in the states of the problem, the idea they came up with was for us to add weight to the bomb.  There was no easy way to do that, as we didn’t have the materials or machining capabilities to make a heavier bomb, or any way to test one either… I took these pictures to send back to the “armchair engineers” in the states to show them just how helpful their idea was. We added a 1/4″ plate of sheet steel, a steel ground rod, a crescent wrench, and a bucket of “prop wash”. I guess they didn’t think our solution was funny, as they didn’t respond!       Jim Hicks ET1 (AC)

  • Heavier Trail Weight
  • Trail Weight Fix Closeup